Megyen Green

Megyen has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teaching of yoga since discovering its benefits and joys while recovering from three herniated disks. Her style of teaching comes from being injured. She knows firsthand what it is like not to be able to do many of the poses due to injury. Her philosophy on yoga has always been that it is YOUR yoga practice, not mine, nor your neighbor’s. Do what your body will allow at this moment for each moment is a different moment. Megyen spent six months in sunny California immersing herself in Bikram yoga teacher training. She came back to Ohio and began teaching in various sites throughout the community (and still does). While teaching yoga she began teaching exercise classes and is certified Silver Sneakers, Pilates, Barre, and group fitness instructor. She loves learning and is always taking small workshops to enhance her knowledge. April 2019 brings in a new chapter in her life as she has committed the next nine months to Kundalini yoga teacher training and is excited to bring Kundalini yoga to Zanesville. She has been a yoga instructor for over 20 years and attuned Reiki Master.
Megyen’s Yoga Room came about when the YMCA closed its facility on McIntire Avenue. Megyen’s Yoga Room was the first yoga studio in Muskingum County and has been in business since 2012. We pride ourselves in offering yoga to everyone in a relaxed atmosphere.

Vivian Wagner

Vivian Wagner is currently completing her 200-hour yoga teacher training through YogaFit, and she’s also trained in meditation, guided imagery, and Reiki. At Megyen’s Yoga Room, she teaches yoga for beginners and a monthly meditation circle, and she enjoys exploring the intersections of yoga, meditation, and creativity. In addition to teaching yoga, she’s a writer and an associate professor of English at Muskingum University. She lives in New Concord with a dog named Ziggy and a cat named Red, and she has
two college-aged children.

Neala Young

I started my yoga journey when my mother checked out a couple of books in the 70s with black and white pictures of mysterious entanglements and extreme facial expressions. Yoga became a lifestyle for me about 20 years later when I was reintroduced to Bikrim and Kundalini style yoga in Muskingum and Guernsey counties. A six year “working vacation” to Alaska allowed me to deepen my practice while learning under teachers from various cultural and yoga backgrounds.
I have incorporated Iyengar training (allowing proper alignment with props) into the style of yoga I teach. Hatha Yoga focuses mainly on physical postures (Asana) with breathing techniques (Pranayama) to help us become more aware of our bodies in space and the alignment of our structures. In Vinyasa (meaning literally “to place in a special way”) we link our breath to a series of poses. Consciously moving through poses with our breath gives warmth and flexibility to our muscles, tendons and joints. Regular practice and responding with compassion for ourselves and our present physical and spiritual state leads to patience, growth and strength that we can carry off of our mat to our everyday lives. Yoga is like a warm hug for our souls through postures and breathing. I love introducing people to yoga and helping them work through what arises in a non-competitive, nurturing way. I feel that flexibility in our daily practice and staying open to new experiences in yoga (and in life) are important. I am Yoga Fit and AFFA certified.
Off the mat I like to travel with my husband of 19 years and our two children. I teach High School Math and Science and love backpacking, mountain biking and kayaking. Namaste

Michelle McPherson

“Honor thy practice and self”
I came to yoga as a lot of us do….Seeking, seeking that still breath, that peace, that healing. I entered my 200 RYT ready to learn about that breath and peace. Along the way I discovered how much I enjoyed helping others find that stillness they had been searching for. This journey has been a blessing, offering healing with each breath both teacher and student. Finding the joy and love with yourself is the goal. Learning to Just be.

200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher
Reiki Practitioner

Carrie Turner

Carrie Turner is a trained In-House Reiki Master for Megyen’s Yoga Room in Zanesville, Ohio. She trained under mentor and Master (and friend) Deborah Newhouse. (Full Reiki lineage: Hawayo Takata in 1939 in Hawaii –> Virginia Samdahl –> Lile Lloyd –> Elaine Thomas –> Deborah Newhouse –> Carrie Turner)
Carrie originally delved deeper into the world of Reiki to learn how to self-heal herself and others in need. Reiki is a simple technique to relieve stress and pain and promote wellness. It promotes the flow of energy (chi, prana, etc.) and balancing energy centers (Chakras) in the body which in turn allows the body to function in a more holistic manner on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
Carrie utilizes touch therapy, crystals, color therapy, healing symbols, essential oils, Thai yoga massage, heated rooms, and sound therapy in her practice to assist in balancing energies in the body. Even simpler, her style includes relaxing light touch massage to create a pampering, soothing feel which makes the client feel extremely relaxed and assists them going into a meditative (or state of consciousness between waking and sleeping) state if they so choose. She has seen the power that Reiki has given her clients in taking back control of their life via keeping their energies in balance. Self-care (which also includes things like meditation, traditional massage, reflexology, yoga, exercise, and time in nature) is vital for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.
Carrie has also been a Marketing Consultant for Megyen’s Yoga Room since September of 2016, is active in workshop planning for the studio, and has created much of the permanent wall art. She is available for private Reiki sessions, Power Reiki sessions (2 Reiki practioners at the same time), group Reiki or Reiki/yoga workshops with Megyen Green, Reiki Shares with other practioners, color therapy sessions, Thai yoga massage sessions, and crystal/crystal grid information sharing. To contact her, follow Megyen’s Yoga Room on Facebook and/or e-mail her at

Ashley Sykes

I fell in love with yoga eight years ago when I was going through infertility treatments. I was introduced by a colleague who was teaching yoga classes to our staff after school. I was amazed at how clam my anxious mind became and how gratifying my body felt after committing to even a quick, simple yoga practice several times a week. Between having our son and daughter, I became a “Basement Yogi” for 5 years. I learned from yoga books, magazines and following yoga videos on YouTube in our basement late at night once the babies were asleep.
I finally got the courage to step back into a yoga studio and I fell in love with yoga again. The more I practiced with a group of human yogis’, (rather than a t.v.) the more I wanted to learn and push myself. Being a first-grade teacher, the eagerness to want to teach people who want to grow their practice and introduce yoga to people who may have never experienced yoga came naturally. This has led me to the next chapter in my yoga journey.
I completed my 200 HR yoga certification through YogaFit in March of 2019. During my coursework, I also became certified in yoga for kids, seniors, and prenatal yoga.
When I am not teaching classes in the studio or practicing, I love showing my first graders how incorporate mindfulness and movement into their daily routines. My yoga classes and personal practice is a unique mix of all styles, from the heart, and aligned to YogaFit’s SPA principles. I strive to show all students that enter my class how yoga can be a safe, meaningful experience for any body and ability type.
I am married to my husband, Greg and we have two children, Fletcher and Paisley. My kiddos are also learning to love yoga and it is becoming a weekly tradition for us. In my spare time I love home improvement projects, gardening, shopping and spending time with family and friends.

Erin Finck

Erin has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. She was drawn to it ever since she was a young child and has practiced a variety of styles from various teachers and studios all over the country. It has now become a way of life. She graduated from her 200 hour training program with Michelle Stobart in Athens in 2018. Her classes are designed for beginners to more experienced yogis who prefer a more gentle practice. She aspires to guide participants in a way that they can become more present in their practice, and to feel completely integrated with body, mind, and spirit. She engages in regular study and practice to continue to grow her knowledge and skill as an instructor. Yoga has given Erin an immeasurable sense of peace and she is excited to share the gift of yoga for anyone who may benefit from that sense of peace as well.

Dawn Tonneman

Dawn is a Yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner and personal trainer. She was introduced to Yoga in her youth when she found Lilias
Yoga and You on PBS and has been in love with Yoga ever since. When she turned 50 she decided what better way to start the second half of her life than to become a Yoga teacher, and share the benefits of Yoga with others. She has tried many styles of yoga movement, and is very interested in the study of Pranayama (breath work) and meditation.
For her, yoga is a lifestyle, and yoga movement is a form of
moving meditation. Her journey is to help her students find joy and the benefits of applying mindfulness to their daily lives.
Dawn is also a middle school Art teacher, as well as a college Art History instructor. She is married to her husband David and has
two college age daughters.

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