Owner/operator of Megyen’s Yoga Room.  Ah, Yoga. What a life changer Yoga has been for me in MANY ways.  I am a Bikram Yoga Certified teacher and I stumbled into Bikram Yoga seeking alternative solutions to some major back problems.  I was that Yoga student that could not bend over and touch her knees, that Yoga student that was in SO much pain that simple movements like walking would bring me to tears.  That Yoga student that struggled with almost every pose, for years.  The hope and that I would no longer be in pain kept me going back to Yoga, and slowly the pain started to subside.  I could bend over and touch my knees those simple movements that used to be painful were no longer painful.  THIS, this is why I teach Yoga.   I truly believe Yoga can help everyone no matter what you have, or may be going through. Whether it be mental, or physical there is a place in everyone’s life for Yoga.  I have created a space where everyone is welcome in our classes.  

Fitness Professional & Integrative Health Coach Debbie Triplett is certified with American Council on Exercise (ACE) as group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She also holds a Mat and Reformer Pilates and Barre certification with Balanced Body (BB). She is currently on track to become a National Facilitator and Instructor for Balanced Body Barre programs. Debbie is also an Integrative Health Coach, trained at Duke University. She is an Adjunct Professor at Ohio University Zanesville for physical education programs, and an approved ACE CEC provider. Debbie has been instrumental in developing programs and a clientele base in the fitness industry throughout her career. She mentors instructors and trainers in Pilates, Barre, Group Fitness, Health Coaching and Weight Training.

I started my yoga journey when my mother checked out a couple of books in the 70’s with black and white pictures of mysterious entanglements and extreme facial expressions. Yoga became a lifestyle for me about 20 years later when I was reintroduced to Bikrim style and Kundalini style yoga in Muskingum and Guernsey counties.  A six year “working vacation” to Alaska allowed me to deepen my practice while learning under teachers from various cultural and yoga backgrounds. I have incorporated Iyengar training (allowing proper alignment with props) into the style of Hatha Yoga I teach. Hatha Yoga focuses mainly on physical postures (Asana) with breathing techniques (Pranayama) to help us become more aware of our bodies in space and the alignment of our structures.  In Vinyasa (meaning literally “to place in a special way”) we link our breath to a series of poses. Consciously moving through poses with our breath gives warmth and flexibility to our muscles, tendons and joints. Regular practice and responding with compassion for ourselves and our present physical and spiritual state leads to patience, growth and strength that we can carry off of our mat to our everyday lives.  Yoga is like a warm hug for our souls through postures and breathing. I love introducing people to yoga and helping them work through what arises in a non-competitive, nurturing way. I feel that flexibility in our daily practice and staying open to new experiences in yoga (and in life) are important. Off the mat I like to travel with my husband of 15 years and our two children. I teach 3rd grade math and love backpacking, mountain biking and kayaking. Namaste

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